Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Love is in the summer air, we hope this dreamy shoot inspires you to seek out love 
and magic in all your summer adventures. 
Go on a dreamy picnic date and giggle the long days away! 
Happy Summer Loving... 

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Photography : Neve Petersen @freeburdsphotography

Models : Daisy Andrew @daisyandrew
        Zander Geddes @zgeddes

Dirt roads lead to wild fields where magic grows, thats where you will find us. 

Love always, Wild & Heart xx

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Summer Highs. Mens SUMMER Collections

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Model : Spencer Seabrooke @spencerseabrooke

Check out the video of our model/ Slacklife BC co-founder, Spencer breaking the record for solo walking a slackline without any safety aids HERE

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Roadtrippin in the Rockies

There’s nothing better in the world for you than travel. Letting go of what you know and the stability of a regular routine. We all need to make it a priority to invest in experience, it has endless rewards.

Hike. Explore. Travel to keep yourself motivated. We all need an outlet outside of our regular routine to refuel, reset and keep us dreaming. So this summer make a playlist, grab your friend and head out on the road!

Theres no end of adventures out there waiting to be explored.

xx - Nicole

Photography : Nicole Franke @bleachedblack
                     Ivy Debinski @ivydebinski

Models : Nicole & Ivy

Where will the road take you? xx